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Rivers of art: Ancient Rome

The Ancient Romans are, I suppose, best known for their ambitious and sometimes mad emperors, military conquests, rather unsavoury treatment of Christians, gladiatorial contests and their chariot races. And their roads. Oh yes, and their aqueducts. We shouldn’t forget their … Continue reading

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Rivers of art: Hellenistic Art

Classical Ancient Greek art largely featured humans or deities performing feats of courage (wrestling lions, stabbing minotaurs – that sort of thing), fighting battles or involved in calmer domestic situations. Indeed, Ancient Greek mythology provided a rich source of material … Continue reading

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Rivers of art: Classical Ancient Greece

Although water plays a prominent part in Classical Ancient Greek myths and legends, it is saltwater that tends to dominate. Understandable, given Greece’s location, surrounded by the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean seas. Mind you, the Greeks did think that the … Continue reading

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Rivers of art: indigenous societies

Ancient peoples just didn’t paint rivers. It is uncommon to find rock art, tomb paintings, frescoes or amphorae where rivers were the main focus. Perhaps only the Chinese, dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), made rivers and waterfalls … Continue reading

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What’s the fascination with fish and water?

Fish have played an important role in the economy and culture of humans for as long as we have records, pictorial or otherwise. Fish are prominent in the myths and legends of many cultures, including Australian Aborigines, and have featured … Continue reading

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