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Floods play a vital role in ecosystems – it’s time to get out of their way

This is an article about the creative – not just destructive – aspects of floods, that Nicole McCasker, Keller Kopf and I wrote recently for The Conversation. Paul Humphries, Charles Sturt University; Nicole McCasker, Charles Sturt University, and R. Keller … Continue reading

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Rivers of art: Hellenistic Art

Classical Ancient Greek art largely featured humans or deities performing feats of courage (wrestling lions, stabbing minotaurs – that sort of thing), fighting battles or involved in calmer domestic situations. Indeed, Ancient Greek mythology provided a rich source of material … Continue reading

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Review of Emily O’Gorman’s ‘Flood Country’

I recently reviewed Emily O’Gorman’s Flood Country: an environmental history of the Murray-Darling Basin for Australian Book Review, and my review can be found in their April 2013 issue. The title is a little misleading. The book concerns the roles … Continue reading

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Floodplain farmland is so fertile because rivers flood

Recent concerns have been expressed by Murray farmers downstream of Lake Hume about the devastation that flooding may cause to their properties. The prospect of more frequent flooding because of environmental flow releases, as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, has got … Continue reading

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Doing experiments in rivers: it’s hard but not impossible

  Broadly speaking, there are two ways to do science: make observations or do experiments. Of course, there is also just plain thinking about how things work, although even Einstein conducted thought experiments. Modelling is slightly different, but can be … Continue reading

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Droughts, floods and riverine biota: natural disturbance or environmental catastrophe?

We humans often think that the whole world revolves around us, and that if something affects our lives, it must be important. Droughts and floods are examples of natural events and processes that occur not uncommonly in rivers, but that … Continue reading

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Clearing vegetation from waterways to reduce flooding. Have we learned nothing?

A few days ago, Victorian Water Minister and National Party member, Peter Walsh told that a parlimentary enquiry had been set up to look into the haphazard management  of Victoria’s waterways, and  was quoted in The Age as saying: “A lot of … Continue reading

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