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Introducing the River Wave Concept

Just out in the journal BioScience, is a paper co-authored by me, Paul Humphries, Hubert Keckeis, from the University of Vienna, and Brian Finlayson, from the University of Melbourne. The genesis of the paper came mostly from lectures to third … Continue reading

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Schematic representation of the main river ecosystem concepts

Below is my attempt to represent the main river ecosystem concepts schematically.  Read through the four parts of the brief history to get fuller descriptions of the concepts. From left: the Fish Zone ‘Concept’ (strictly, a typology or classification) defines zones … Continue reading

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A brief history of river ecosystem function, part 2: serial discontinuity to the flood pulse

In Part 1 of this brief history I talked about how ideas of zones in rivers – mainly related to fish abundance and distribution – were succeeded by those of the river continuum, emphasizing a more longitudinal, continuous movement of … Continue reading

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