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Rivers of art: Ancient Rome

The Ancient Romans are, I suppose, best known for their ambitious and sometimes mad emperors, military conquests, rather unsavoury treatment of Christians, gladiatorial contests and their chariot races. And their roads. Oh yes, and their aqueducts. We shouldn’t forget their … Continue reading

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Going with the flow…musically

Some time ago, on a warm Friday afternoon, when my mind was wandering, I was gazing vaguely at some flow graphs, trying to prepare for a lecture for my River Ecology class the following Monday.  The flow graphs were from … Continue reading

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Rivers of art: Hellenistic Art

Classical Ancient Greek art largely featured humans or deities performing feats of courage (wrestling lions, stabbing minotaurs – that sort of thing), fighting battles or involved in calmer domestic situations. Indeed, Ancient Greek mythology provided a rich source of material … Continue reading

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Introducing the River Wave Concept

Just out in the journal BioScience, is a paper co-authored by me, Paul Humphries, Hubert Keckeis, from the University of Vienna, and Brian Finlayson, from the University of Melbourne. The genesis of the paper came mostly from lectures to third … Continue reading

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Christmas thoughts, Christmas Creeks

As we are heading at breakneck speed towards Christmas, and as I will probably not get a chance to write another post before next year, I thought that I would leave you with a little smackerell of something of no … Continue reading

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When 1 + 1 doesn’t always equal 2: drainage basins and stream order

All animals and plants live within the constraints of their physical environment. But the physical form of the flowing water environment is unique.  In the sea, there are, of course, vast distances between one ocean and another and these are … Continue reading

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Wordcloud Google Scholar Search in R

Johannes Radinger, PhD student at the Leibnitz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, keeps an interesting blog on subjects related to river, their ecology, dispersal and GIS (Freshwater Ecosystems, Spatio-temporal Patterns and Ecological Informatics).  He recently put up a … Continue reading

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