Post-graduate and Honours student Research

Current Honours and postgraduate students in river ecology supervised by Paul Humphries:

Callum Lanagan-Jonas (Hons) 2017 – The effects of alien species on the habitat preferences and feeding behaviour of a threatened freshwater fish.

Matthew O’Connell (PhD) 2016 – Stuffed Murray cod in pubs: the biological, social and cultural heritage significance of trophy fish in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Dale Campbell (PhD) 2016 – Reconstructing historical river floodplain environments.

Simon Mom (PhD, La Trobe University) – Resistance and resilience of river blackfish to drought.

Luke McPhan (PhD UNSW) – Flow, fish larvae and food webs

Past students in river ecology:


Dale Campbell (Hons) 2015 – The potential of sediment-derived chironomid head capsules in distinguishing between permanent and temporary floodplain wetlands.



Saideepa Kumar (PhD) 2015 – Boundaries in environmental flow decision making


Stacey Kopf and Fletcher


Stacey Kopf  (PhD) 2014 – Fish assemblages and instream habitat in lowland river anabranches



Luke Pearce with a friendly carp


Luke Pearce (MSc) 2014 – Conservation of southern pygmy perch (Nannoperca australis). There’s a great little video of Luke describing his research and use of Charles Sturt University’s wetlands for helping southern pygmy perch conservation.



Setting shrimp traps


James Dyer (PhD) 2014 – The role of movement in explaining the distribution of riverine shrimp


Casey Shaw (Hons) 2014 – Factors affecting risk of extinction in small-bodied freshwater fishes

Isobel Colson in an Ovens River billabong

Isobel Colson (Hons) 2013 – Factors affecting termination of dormancy in the resting stages of floodplain zooplankton


Tim Kaminskas (2011) – Downstream movement of Murray cod free-embryos and larvae


Nick Whiterod (2010) – Bioenergetics of Murray cod in relation to river regulation


Nicole McCasker (2010) – Sources and severity of mortality in the early life history of freshwater fish






Karen Scott 2009 – Forgaging efficiency of a pursuit and an ambush fish under varying light and turbidity levels




Amina Price (2007) – Habitat use and movement of fish the young stages of fish and shrimp in lowland rivers


Simon Kaminskas (2006) – Diet and development of Murray cod larvae from an Australian lowland river.

Christine Piko (Reid) (2006) – Distribution and physico-chemical variables associated with Vallisneria

Simon Lukies (2004) – Diet and foraging interactions between the native crimson-spotted rainbowfish and the introduced mosquitofish in the Broken River of northeast Victoria.

Matthew Vogel (2003) – The effect of varying temperature and feeding levels on somatic and otolith growth in Murray cod larvae

Alison King (2002) – Recruitment dynamics in floodplain rivers

David Crook (2002) – Habitat use of common carp and golden perch in a lowland river

Stephen Balcombe (2002) – Resource use by carp gudgeons in the littoral macrophytes of a floodplain billabong

Zeb Tonkin (2002) – Studies of larval feeding in four Murray-Darling freshwater fish species.

Kylie Peterson (2001) – Fish larvae in regulated and unregulated rivers

Jarod Lyon (2000) – Fast-start perfomance in relation to temperature in Murray cod and brown trout

Rick Stoffels (1998) – Habitat use of carp gudgeons in floodplain billabongs: the role of interactions with European perch and gambusia

Tim Curmi (1996) – Habitat use and diet of river blackfish and two-spined blackfish in Tallangatta Creek


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