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I am  a river and fish ecologist. I study how animals (and some plants) live and die, breed, feed and move in rivers. My main research is on fish, but I work on macroinvertebrates (invertebrates that can be seen with the naked eye), microinvertebrates (ones you can only see down a microscope), aquatic plants and occasionally on the structures – like snags and other types of habitat – that are vital to the function of rivers.

I work in both contemporary ecology (the now) and palaeoecology (the past) in an attempt to understand how our rivers work, what allows animals and plants to thrive and what prevents this from happening. Much of my work has been on ecology-flow relationships, which means investigating how river flows are important to the lives of animals and what happens when people change those flows by the construction of dams or releasing water from the dams at times which are unnatural. I am especially interested in the early life history stages of fish – when fish have just hatched and are in a period of major change in size, life style, and during which they undergo huge mortality rates.  My palaeoecology research seeks to understand how the environment has got to where it is today. See the publications page of this site for a list and links to my most recent scientific papers.

I am a senior lecturer in the School of Environmental Sciences, and member of the Institute for Land, Water and Society, at Charles Sturt University, in Albury, southern New South Wales.  I lecture at the undergraduate level in Animal Diversity (Animal Systematics), River and Floodplain Ecology and Environmental Data Analysis.  I also supervise Honours, Masters and Phd research projects in the areas of river ecology, fish ecology and palaeoecology/zooarchaeology. See the Student Research page for descriptions of research projects of my current and past students. I am also Honours coordinator for our school, so do not hesitate to contact me for information about doing Honours.

I am willing to consider motivated Honours and postgraduate students. You can contact me on


2 Responses to Research & publications

  1. pheona says:

    Good reading Paul. Honours webpage link takes you to page announcing potential honours projects for 2010. Otherwise all fine – clear crisp and easy to follow. How is honours page going?

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