The Life and Times of the Murray Cod: a book

Murray cod in water Mullaroo Creek

Murray cod in Mullaroo Creek, 2004

Hi all, I wanted to let you all know that I am just starting to research and write a book entirely devoted to Murray cod. It is tentatively called: ‘The Life and Times of the Murray Cod’, to be published by CSIRO Publishing.

It will included details of the species’ origins, Indigenous and European significance, biology, fishing (both recreational and commercial), conservation and management, and prospects for the future. It is targeted at the interested general public, people interested in natural history, Indigenous groups, fishers, high-school students and anyone who is a fan of or interested in knowing more about this iconic species.

It will NOT be a fishing book….although fishers will find a lot in there for them.


Now, why I am writing this post, is that in the book, I plan to have a chapter on Indigenous cultural, fishing, and other significance of Murray cod. I would like to write this chapter in collaboration with one, two or three or more Aboriginal people, who have a particular interest in these aspects of Murray cod. So, can anyone reading this post, please put the word out there for people who might be keen to be involved to get in contact with me. I want the voice to be an Aboriginal voice and the words to be Aboriginal words and the ideas and priorities to Aboriginal ideas and priorities. I had to propose a brief structure of each chapter when pitching the idea to CSIRO Publishing, but that can change to be more appropriate.


You can either post a comment here or email me at or even try calling me on (02) 60519920 at Charles Sturt University.

Looking to hearing from you, Paul Humphries, August 17, 2019.

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