Flow-fish recruitment research

New research is underway as part of the Murray-Darling Environmental Water Knowledge and Research program, which is investigating how flow influences the key environmental conditions and interacts with fish species traits to enable recruitment of riverine fishes. It is a collaboration among a range of organisations across the Murray-Darling Basin, and involves a synthesis of existing knowledge and development of a new recruitment model, and field and laboratory work to test some of the key hypotheses. Read more about it here..

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1 Response to Flow-fish recruitment research

  1. KJ says:

    Hey man

    I know it’s not the right post but I wanted to make sure you see this and I couldn’t find your email address

    The monster Murray Cod

    I know a place you could try and look if you’re still looking

    Coolmunda dam near Inglewood Qld

    I know it’s not a river and it’s in qld but if you wanted to get your hands on a big Murray Cod that’s a good place to start

    I talked to someone whilst fishing Lake Monduran who said he caught his metre Cod there. And in September 2016 I was fishing with my dad and brother and we saw two Cod in the middle of courtship before mating. Each was well over a metre; both I’d estimate to be around 130cm or more… they were at the surface. I might be headed back there around Easter so I’ll talk again after I go.

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