European river photographs

I have been very busy teaching of late, and unable to write much about rivers and river ecology, but thought I’d post a few of my favourite photographs of river-related things, taken from my recent travels in Europe in 2011. 

Western European rivers are typically controlled and highly altered from natural.  And in most cases, they have been like that for centuries.  It can be a bit of a culture-shock, when even in national parks, to see rivers that seem so tamed, so constrained.  And it is quite amazing the lengths – like in Rome, where huge walls prevent the mighty Tiber from flooding the city – that people have gone to keep them under control.  Of course, you can see wild rivers, even in Europe…if you just know where to look.  And even for the supposedly tamed ones, there is wildness just below the surface…metaphorically and literally. Hope you like them.

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